What is ETS?

Ethernet Transport Service (ETS) is a switched Ethernet service that enables our customers to use Ethernet Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) technology to transport traffic among two or more disparate locations as if they were part of the same LAN. 

Independents uses industry standard native interfaces for Ethernet and IP-based networks, so you can transport data without protocol conversion or special equipment. Independents’ Ethernet Transport Service (ETS) offering provides scalable bandwidth, which means that you can select from numerous increments to match your bandwidth requirements.

We have the Infrastructure.

FiberSkynet’s Ethernet services lets companies transmit the most sensitive data across the globe or across the street – you provide the data and we transport the packets. ETS will support mission critical business activities. 

We can scale a solution to fit your organization and as your business grows we can accommodate your growth needs. Survive in today’s digital world and take advantage of our large capacity pipes.